About us

Born and raised in Dawida a.k.a Taita, we are children of the hills and land of Dawida. There is a lot of good information about our culture, tribe and traditions that we would like to document so the future generations can learn about our history.

We are always looking for additional and interesting facts and information about Taita and her people that we can add to the website.

Our Why

Our culture, traditions and language is fading away. It is important that we document our history so we can know where we came from, where we are at the moment and where we want to move towards in the future. 

Our Culture

By understanding our history, we will be in a better position to evaluate traditions that harmed the community, then get rid of these. It will also allow us to move forward and evolve in our culture and traditions so we don’t only remember the things that made our ancestors, but also so we don’t repeat the mistakes of our ancestors.


We strive to provide as much information as we possibly can about Wadawida and Taita in general.

This is our personal space to document information about Wadawida or Taita people.

We are not a historians or researchers. 

The information contained here has been gathered from different sources of websites, books and materials that I could find about Wadawida. 

We cannot therefore, vouch that all the information is 100% accurate.

Enjoy the site and let us know if you have any other details about Wadawida!! xoxo

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Our Goal

Our goal is to bring together people of Taita Tribe, also known as Wadawida, as well as people interested in understanding the Taita tribe culture.

What we are about

We are a non-political, non-religious community that is open to anyone regardless of their religion, age, race, culture, sexuality or identity.

We are global

Access to internet means that we can be a global community. It doesn’t matter where you are located in this part of the world! 

What Our Community Members say

I've managed to meet so many people from Taita. I have so many new friends from the community. I love it!


I was introduced to Wadawida many years ago when it was just started. Back when we had a forum, I met so many great people.


Do you want to help us gather and document crucial information about Wadawida and Dawida?

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